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Founded in 1983, PPSC's foundation has been to lower the acquisition cost of products and services and to enhance the customer base for our member pharmacies and preferred partners. As a company that was founded by pharmacists for pharmacists, PPSC excels at being one of the nation's oldest and largest pharmacy service firms. PPSC is pleased to provide your independent pharmacy

PPSC In the Spotlight

  • PPSC Appreciation Reception 2014

    Join PPSC at the MGM Grand (in conjunction with ThoughtSpot 2014) on August 1st at 5:30 PM as we thank our pharmacy customers, partners, and vendors. We will have cocktails, appetizers, and lots of giveaways! Please RSVP for this event.

  • PPSC Advocacy Action Network

    Earn recognition for every action you take -- signing up, contacting your legislators, having your legislator visit your pharmacy, soliciting petitions from patients, attending rallys and donating to PACs and legislative awareness campaigns such as MSMC... and more!

  • AmerisourceBergen

    A partnership since 2003, PPSC and AmerisourceBergen have helped independent retail pharmacies like yours maintain a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Today, more than 7,000 pharmacies trust AmerisourceBergen, including over 3,600 pharmacies under the Good Neighbor Pharmacy® brand to help them provide what patients are looking for in a community pharmacy.







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iMedicare Part D Webinars

iMedicare will host two webinars in October for PPSC pharmacies. The webinars will focus on Part D Open Enrollment and Preferred Networks.

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PRS' Compliance Track

Get control of your compliance issues today with PRS' ComplianceTrack. One program, one source, total compliance online.

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Industry News


Actonel 5mg, 30mg, 35mg: Potential co-exclusive launch in Q2 2105.
Copaxone: Potential co-exclusive launch in Q1 2015.
Nexium: Potential co-exclusive launch in Q2 2015.