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About Us


Since 1983 PPSC has been an instrumental force in helping independent pharmacies compete in today’s marketplace. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, PPSC is one of the oldest and largest pharmacy service firms. As a company that was founded by pharmacists for pharmacists, PPSC provides its members with a wide array of valuable services, a competitive cost of goods, innovative technologies, attractive rebates, special discounts, advocacy resources, and other benefits that can help increase profits, build traffic, and work smarter. PPSC is dedicated to the success of the thousands of pharmacies it serves and is exceptionally qualified to assist your pharmacy in all areas of growth and profitability.

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Mission & Vision

PPSC’s mission is to provide the highest quality pharmacy services by incorporating strategic alliances that allow PPSC to meet or exceed the unique needs of our customers.

PPSC’s vision for Group Purchasing is to form strategic national partnerships with business partners whose focus is the growth of retail pharmacy, PPSC and the business partner.

PPSC, Pharmacists Increase Profits, Tallahassee Florida
PPSC, Pharmacists Increase Profits, Tallahassee Florida
PPSC, Pharmacists Increase Profits, Tallahassee Florida

Staff Directory


Cyndi Mincy

Bill Mincy, BPharm
VP Business Development

Rita Bing
AP Coordinator

Janet Blanco-Pastor
Pharmacy Business Consultant

Ron Burnette
Information Systems Director

Karen Cieslak
Pharmacy Business Consultant

George Chapman
Pharmacy Business Consultant

Tracy Douglas
Pharmacy Select,
Networks Manager

Jessica Gardner
Marketing Manager

John Hilley
Network Analyst

Tommy McCall
Business Development Manager

Bobbi Watson
Executive Coordinator

Rick Westman
Pharmacy Business Consultant