Gold Membership Information

Gold Benefits

  • Competitive brand cost of goods
  • PRxO® Generic rebates paid monthly based on your PRxO® Generic performance
  • Access to purchase more than 10,000 low cost PPSC Pharmacy Select Generic Contract Items from your local AmerisourceBergen distribution facility as an automatic back-up to the AmerisourceBergen PRxO® Generics Contract
  • Rebates on all PPSC Pharmacy Select generic purchases made through AmerisourceBergen paid monthly
  • Additional Pharmacy Select market share rebates, promotional allowances and Year End volume incentive group bonuses
  • Discounts & rebates on more than 50 different vendor programs listed in the PPSC Buyers Guide to help your pharmacy increase profits, build traffic, and work smarter
  • Monthly PPSC Gold Rewards Statement detailing the value of the Gold Program to your pharmacy
  • PPSC Notices announcing new programs and services
  • PPSC Website & Social Media keeping you up to date with notifications about current events, issues affecting pharmacies, and customer spotlights
  • PPSC Business Consultant working closely with you to maximize your benefits
  • PPSC Customer Service answering your questions via toll free telephone (1-888-778-9909) or toll free fax (1-866-756-8415)